Friday, August 8, 2014

Blog Category Ideas

If you are reading my blog please tell me what categories you would like me to write about. I would like for Camellia Cottage to focus on flowers and gardening but gardening is such a vast topic that I couldn't possible begin to cover it all.

We could just do a blog about how to create flower arrangements, but I would like to also include some gardening topics. I'm wondering if we should stick with just growing cut flowers or if it makes my blog to random if we include vegetable gardening also? One other idea that has crossed my mind is to have a blog about cottage gardens, like how to create them and how to maintain them.

I've been reading all kinds of books on how to have a successful blog, how to choose a blog topic, how to get more readers, and how to make an income with a blog. My head is spinning! I thought all a person did to blog was write about their topic. I'm considering deleting my other blogs and focusing only on Camellia Cottage because to be a successful blog I've got to update it more often.

One last thought...the whole word press verses blogger topic is about to drive me crazy. I'm going to leave Camellia Cottage here instead of moving it to a self hosted word press.

Friday, April 5, 2013

2012 Our first Veggie Garden

Today I'm going to start keeping my garden notebook online. Instead of buying a new notebook, I'm going to blog about my garden! I found last year's seed packets (2013) from our fist veggie garden so I'm going to start off with a list of last year's seeds any notes I have about them.

All of our zinnias bloomed beautifully. I loved the Candy Cane mix with the stripes. The Cut and Come Again Mix bloomed and bloomed. The more I cut the more they bloomed.
Zinnia Giant Flowered Mix
Zinnia Peppermint Stick Mix
Zinnia Cut and Come Again Mix
Zinnia Candy Cane Red on White
Zinnia Green Envy

Marigold French Dwarf Double Mix -lots of flowers
Sunflower Summer Cutting Mix -planted too late. Didn't bloom.
Sunflower Mamoth Russian -large beautiful blooms and seeds for the birds.
Genovese Basil -The best tasting basil plant.
Pumpkin Small Sugar -planted too late.
Large Bottle Gourd - takes 130 days till harvest. Plant earlier than July next year.
Sugar Daddy Pea- cool weather crop. Next year plant in fall instead of July.
Carrot Kaleidoscope Mix- Next year don't plant so deep. That's why they didn't germinate.
Squash Waltham Butternut -it runs instead of bushing so don't so close. It needs more room.
Clemson Spineless Okra -great. Need to plant again next year.
Blue Lake Green Beans-my favorite of all the veggies.
Zucchini- not sure what variety, package wasn't labeled. Next year find a more disease resistant variety.
Straight Neck Squash- next year find a more disease resistant variety.
Jubilee Watermelon- grow great until the deer ate it.
Ornamental gourds- so cute and perfect thanksgiving centerpiece. Plant again next year.
Hales Best Cantaloupe- didn't grow well, need to research why.
Early Italian Garlic- planted in the fall. Will harvest this spring.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Elegant Camellia Blossoms

Hello Sweethearts,

Ive been floating around etsy this morning. My first treasury was created yesterday. I featured Camellia blossoms as my theme. I mean, what else would Camellia Cottage create? If you love the elegant blossoms as much as me, take a moment and visit our favorite etsy items: (click below)

Photo Credits: 
Camellia Photo: GeorgiannaLane
Camellia Dress Pin: GBILOBA
Camellia Pendant: ThePrettyPendant

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Caring For Your Flower Arrangement

Flowers do a lot to brighten up a home. They look great sitting on your table for a while, but eventually silk flowers do collect dust. And real flowers start to fade. All flower arrangements do need a little bit of care. Have you ever wondered how to care for a flower arrangement once you bring it home? In this article you will learn the basics of caring for silk flowers, fresh flowers, and dried flowers. With a few simple tricks you're flower arrangements will be looking brighter and happier.

Silk flower arrangements are the easiest flowers, and require almost no maintenance. Collecting dust seems to be the largest concern. We recommend buying a silk floral cleaner, which can be purchased at most craft stores. It should be sprayed onto the arrangement following the directions on the package. For silk plants, try dusting leaves with a slightly damp cloth.

To keep real flower arrangements looking their best the longest, change the water often (every other day, if possible) and re-cut the stems at an angle. Add a little bit of a commercial floral food/preservative. Some of my clients seem to swear by a half an aspirin, some sun drop or a little bit of sugar. This is not recommended. I have found that flowers in commercial preservatives last longer. Distilled water works better than tape water. Never allow leaves or any foliage under the water, because this helps harmful bacteria grow.

Dried arrangements allow real flowers to be dried and keep for many years. Although they will eventually dry out to the point of becoming crumbly, there are a few ways to prolong their life. As the flowers continue to dry out, they often become brittle, which leads to breaking or crumbling. To avoid this, never leave your arrangement in direct sunlight. You can place them in a bathroom, where steam from your hot showers will keep them from becoming too dry.

Try these tips on your own flower arrangements and watch as your silk flowers look cleaner and your real flowers stay fresher. These tips are a simple way to care for your flowers and improve their lifespan of brightening up your house.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cherry Blossom Boutonniere

This is the matching boutonniere to last week's bouquet. Isnt it just too cute? Its made out of lovely pink cherry blossoms.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pink Cherry Blossom Wedding

Here are some images of my latest project, a cherry blossom bouquet complete with feathers. The stem was wrapped in a lovely ivory ribbon with pink overlay and pearl pins. Enjoy!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Vintage Wedding Dresses

Looking for a lovely Vintage style Wedding Dress? Here are some great links to check out:
(The beautiful dress pictured above is from Recapture Vintage Bridal.)

Recycled Bride
Recapture Designs
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The Frock
Ellana Couture
Vintage Vixen

Know of any other great Vintage style wedding sites? Leave us a comment to be added to our list.