Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our Photo Shoot

My first show and tell Monday...I'm excited!

As mentioned before, I'm making larger pics of our merchandise. Thursday was my photo shoot, first of all the camera died; but after a trip for batteries it was resurrected. Ya'll should have seen me out there, somewhere between the tree's shade and the dancing sunbeams, dragging the large patio table around trying to get the lighting right. I'm sure the neighbor's think I've lost what's left of my sanity. That table was large and round, with a huge floral; plus all my props because the background must look simply perfect. As the shade moved, I'd pick up the whole kit and caboodle and move to. My traveling studio...larger than me, and to make things worse I still wore my favorite garden hat which tied under the chin. Oh, and did I mention the dog? Yes, you heard right. A strange large dog, I've never seen before wandered through the azalea bushes and tried to get in the photographs. There were several blurry one of a spotted pooch. What a day! But I'm more than pleased with my photos, check them out!

Camellia Cottage now has a flicker account:

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The teacup cuties are here!

Yes, you heard right. Our newest line of florals, are made with antique teacups. These miniatures are so cute, hence their name "the teacup cuties".
These usual florals, make wonderful Mother's Day gifts or use them at tea parties. They are perfect for a hostess gift or order in bulk and use them as party favors.

They come in tiny demitasse cups, as well as the larger tea cups. These can be customized, simply drop me an email:

I love these florals, and can see them in bookcases, on tables, or even tucked away in kitchen nooks.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Myspace and Plumdrop

Good Morning Ladies,

Camellia Cottage is now on myspace! Yes, I know, it's time I got with this century. Please do come visit and add us as a friend:

We are also on Plumdrop as well! Isn't this exciting?

Well, I'm off to ship an order. Maybe later, I'll get some more things done to the website. Mom and I spent yesterday going over some marketing ideas. One by one, you'll here about them. :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Guess what? Camellia Cottage is now on Facebook! Come check us out. I'm new to the whole facebook thing and am slowly trying to figure it out as I go. Ha ha!
I've added some new photos. I love the little cherub vase, so much I've set it as Camellia Cottage's userpic. Well, I'm going to go write on our wall.
Hope ya'll have a great afternoon and I'll see you on facebook! :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My first post

Good Morning!

It seems that all the other MMP ladies have a blog. So I just signed up for one at the suggestion of Patrica.
I've added a header image; but am still working on the other customizations. I still have quite a few products to add to my site, so I'll have to put off blogging for a while.
Please do stop by my site and say hello: