Friday, August 8, 2014

Blog Category Ideas

If you are reading my blog please tell me what categories you would like me to write about. I would like for Camellia Cottage to focus on flowers and gardening but gardening is such a vast topic that I couldn't possible begin to cover it all.

We could just do a blog about how to create flower arrangements, but I would like to also include some gardening topics. I'm wondering if we should stick with just growing cut flowers or if it makes my blog to random if we include vegetable gardening also? One other idea that has crossed my mind is to have a blog about cottage gardens, like how to create them and how to maintain them.

I've been reading all kinds of books on how to have a successful blog, how to choose a blog topic, how to get more readers, and how to make an income with a blog. My head is spinning! I thought all a person did to blog was write about their topic. I'm considering deleting my other blogs and focusing only on Camellia Cottage because to be a successful blog I've got to update it more often.

One last thought...the whole word press verses blogger topic is about to drive me crazy. I'm going to leave Camellia Cottage here instead of moving it to a self hosted word press.