Thursday, January 13, 2011

Welcome to a New Year!

Hello sweetpeas,

Welcome to 2011! I can't believe it is already a brand new year. I'm so excited about the opening of our new etsy shop. Please take a moment and come visit. :)

I have big plans for this wonderful new year. For a while, last year things looked pretty bad for Camellia Cottage. We were spending than we were making, and eventually I was forced to pull out of both my website and the space I had leased. I even thought about closing the business. So I have been thinking and I've decided to start off smaller this time. Not bite off more than I can chew! haha

Camellia Cottage is starting with the etsy shop. Then maybe...or maybe I'll keep the rest of our year's plan and surprise ya'll as we go along. :)

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